Lou Porn

Who We Are

Lou Porn, President & CEO

Lou has been a strategic healthcare industry leader utilizing market vision and future state planning to drive industry focus and investment in solutions and tools for over 35 years.

As both a Provider CEO at Midwest Physician Group and national principal at Deloitte Consulting and Ernst &Young, he has led market leaders in evolving key drivers to provide differentiated solutions to a wide range of payer and provider organizations.

A master of market visioning, Lou has helped numerous academic medical centers, hospitals, and medical groups to embrace divergent, innovative approaches to sector challenges and opportunities.

Market growth initiatives include process and technology for population health performance, acute and physician organization alignment, clinical and business performance, risk contracting, patient experience, ambulatory care operations performance, patient access, physician productivity, and end-to-end revenue cycle.

Lou contributes to numerous healthcare and financial publications, and speaks at industry associations, conferences and Board and executive meetings.

An active golfer, long distance runner and yard landscaper. Lou and his wife, a physician, live in Chicago and Las Vegas.